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Jtiom just keeps on making music!
Expect new releases from
Ariana Records in 2007.
Four cd projects,
and a music video.
The 1st release is by
ScubaTails, "Music4 Elevators"
Next up will be a cd project
that is a collection of demos, soundbites, and
found treasures called
"Odds & Ends"
ThankGodF4Fingerz will be releasing their 2nd cd this fall.
BuddyLove are working on a followup to the smash hit
"PornMusic" with new tracks
set for 2008.
A music video for the song
"Inspection Test" is in the works........

Making Noise with the big boys!
Ariana Records a small independent record company from the Southwest is starting to make some noise and the majors are paying attention!
An interview with Mr. Jimmi
of Ariana Records appears on page 146 of the 2007
Songwiters Market.
Check it out !
Ariana Records is in talks with
The Yellow Record Label, a company that distributes music throughout Europe and Canada.
The ScubaTails cd showed up on my desk, I gave it to
my husband, he liked it and said i should review it.
So, here goes, elevator music, and answersing machine music never sounded this good!
The textures,the rhythms,
the overall sounds and feel
of this cd is "very imaginative"
hard to believe it was recorded almost ten years
ago on a cheap cassette recorder.
Buy it! you"ll love it!
Out in Tucson Arizona, the independent record company, Ariana Records
recently received news
that three songs from their artists were optioned for a
film project.
The film "ALWAYS LIE" is being produced by
"The Falco Brothers" and
features the songs,
"Gotta Go" by TomP.
"Saturday Night" by JTIOM
and "Life Is A Movie"
by The RakeHeads.
The film is in production with an expected release in
Ariana Records recently
placed the songs,
"Better Days" by Tom P.,
and the killer track!
"Rip It Up" by The MoBileCuBes in a film production from "BlueZebra
Films L.T.D.
Man I was searching around the internet, came across
CDBaby music,
and WoW!
Porn Muisc by BuddyLoveBand,
Weird stuff from The RakeHeads,
and what's this!
"RodeWhore" this is where
Toby Keith meets Kiss!
You Gotta Love It!!!
I like the sounds that are coming out of the small
independent record company in the southwest
known as Ariana Records.
Their latest "Odds & Ends"
is almost like a compilation,
featuring, electronic,funk,
pop, and good old rock & roll.
The artists at Ariana Records have been staying very busy during 2007.
Releases by "ScubaTails"
and a compilation cd,
"ODDS & ENDS" are already
getting attention.
A second cd from the band,
"ThankGodF4Fingerz" will be
ready this fall, and the cd
that everyone is waiting for,
"More Great Porn Music"
should be ready by 2008.
Artists from Ariana Records
have also contributed four songs for three upcoming film projects.
I recntly had the chance to review a compilation cd,
"Odds & Ends" from the
independent label,
Ariana Records from Tucson.
I must say I had to listen to the cd a couple of times to
really get a feel for the songs and the bands.
Standout songs for this reviewer,
"Sex Police " by The Whereabouts, I can see this song being covered by the band, "The Smithereens"
it's rocking, and the hooks are in the right places.
I also like "Salt" by Captain Showbiz, the cheap keyboard drum machine sound and the lyrics are a standout.
The rest of the cd features
songs by The Zonas, Jtiom,
Redfish, Those 3 Guys, and
Pot Full Of Eyes who remind me of a cross between Pearl
Jam & Audioslave.
Checkout the Ariana Records website, it's worth
the visit...................
The rumor is that in 2008
more people will be downloading their favorite songs from the computer.
We will see the decline of
Ariana records says that won't happen with their
The lastest release from the little record company from the southwest is a compilation of styles and sounds.
"Odds & Ends" is a collection of works from
ten different bands.
Checkout the songs "Purge"
and "Fallback" my favorite
song from the band,
"Pot full of Eyes"
it rocks!
The Whereabouts give us the song "Sex Police"
which will be featured in the documentry,
"Whose Gun Is This"
"Nightfall" is a ballad from the band "Redfish"
I really like this cd !
Check out their website
for all kinds of really cool
John Riley - The Denver Musicians Guide (Jan 1, 2008)
It's tough not to admire a
record company, a small one at that who keeps cranking out music like a
fast food place!
Ariana records keeps it going, and with at least
four new projects to be released in 2008 it makes you wonder,
Who Are These Guys?
Checkout the bands, download some music,
and remember..........
"Small Is Good"
A friend of mine told me about a music website in America called......
"Ariana Records"
I checked it out, I must say I was very impressed with the music coming from this small independent in the southwest.
Pop,Rock, Funk, Jazz, and
"Porn Music"
How cool is that!
Check them out, like the promo says, A little bit of something for everyone....
To bad that........
The Music Business Sucks Right Now!
It's also to bad that artists
like, "ThankGodF4Fingerz"
and "JTIOM" are not getting more distribution
for their music.
We live in such a disposable
fast food world.
The radio stations play crap
we never get to hear new music, thank god for the internet!
Anyway, do yourself a favor,
checkout Ariana Records website, and be sure to
go to CD Baby for new music.
You can thank me later.
Mona Zero
Columbus, Ohio
MONA ZERO - (Mar 26, 2008)
With the music business
laying off hundreds of people, and the major record companies drowing in their own greed....
The independent record companies and artists still
keep making and selling music.
Ariana records out in Tucson, Arizona has no less
than four releases scheduled for 2008.
In feberuary they released
"Odds&Ends" a cd compilation of studio recordings by eleven of their artists.
In June,
"ThankGodF4Fingerz" will be
releasing their second cd,
Just in time for the fourth
of July BuddyLove's followup
project,"PornMuzik 2" will go on sale.
Ariana Records Presents...
will be a compilation of songwriters and bands that
have been discovered thru
the mail, and the internet.
Great music coming out of the little record company from the southwest!
I've been waiting on a release date for the latest
projects from Ariana records.
Instead I received a free promotional cd from the label.
"Odds & Ends" a collection
of lost recordings and didn't make the record playlist....
I must say, what an interesting cd !
There were so many standouts I don't know where to start.
The opening and closing songs by Pot Full Of Eyes remind me of Audioslave.
"Sex Police" by the Whereabouts is great song
about people minding their own business.
I like everything on this record.
As a compilation this is a cd
that should be on everyone's Ipod.
This cd will get lots of airplay in my house......
I'm still waiting on BuddyLove's new project,
and the latest greatest from
but...."Odds & Ends" will do
just fine...................J.M.
As the major labels keep slipping away, everyone keeps asking, "What's next"
Well my friend, thank God
for the independent musician, and the independent record company.
They are fast becoming the future in music!
Youtube, Myspace, everyone will be famous....
for fifteen minutes..........
Andy Warhol
Ariana records out in Tucson, Arizona has placed music in the hands of independent filmmakers, have had their music placed
with NPR, and have placed
twelve cd projects with cdbaby.........
Mark Gibson - The Detroit Press (Sep 3, 2008)
What with most of the major record companies getting swallowed up by entertainment companies.
It's gonna be up to the independent record companies to pickup the slack!
I recently discovered two small record companies that I really like.
From Germany comes,
"Klein Records"
They have a roster of very inventive artists.
In the southwest there's the small independent,
"Ariana Records"
Do yourself a favor and take a listen to the music coming from these record companies..............
It's GOOD!
I recently came across a small indepenent record company called,
Ariana records.
They are located in the southwest.
I must say they have a very impressive label of artists.
There's the funky pop sounds of "BeatNik Grip"
and the Neil young meets the Beatles sound of "JTIOM"
There's also "Porn Muisc"
and elevator muzik.
2009 looks to be a very busy year for the label.
Checkout their website,
Enjoy! Music is for everyone!!

John Coter
The Tulsa MusicMag
John Coter - The Tulsa MusicMag (Mar 7, 2009)
I received a copy of the new cd "Rustling Silk" from the folks over at Ariana records.
I must say "I Love It!
The music beds are solid,the guitars have a nice sound and the songs tell some great stories.
Spike Evans vocals are very cool!
My favorite song is "November Song"
checkout the cd and their
Cindy Willams
Music plus Art Magazine
Palatine, IL.
Cindy Willams - Music Plus Art (May 14, 2009)
Today's independent record companies, and recording artists are taking all kind of chances.
Recording,writing, just putting it out there so everyone can here........
The second cd from the band......Buddy Love....
combines electronics, acoustics, and very cool and strange vocals.
I don't usually listen to a record four or fives times,
in a row!
This is a great record!
Another writer had said
about their first record,
"why isn't the porn industry
using these songs in their films"
This is great stuff!!!
The latest offering from the band, "ThankGodF4Fingerz" has a certain interesting sound to it.
Although the band remains true to it's direction, the recording is tighter and the vocals are right there!
I enjoyed all the songs, but my favorites are, "Inspection test" and "All Are Welcome".