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Ariana Records was formed in the early eighties by Tom Dukes & Jim Gasper. Their 1st release,

"Gasper & Dukes" "Just Arrived"was released in 1980.

Ariana Records has over 20 bands, and 5 solo artists signed to our label.

We also have agreements with Reverb Nation, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

Ariana Records has distribution deals with.....Smart Monkey Records (artists PoPo, Nature)

MudBone Records South (artists FretBender, The Wip Band, Two-Hand Band)

Ariana Records music is distributed by The Sugo Music Group.................

Music from our catalog of artists has been placed with Versus Media Film Productions,

and the Hit License Music agency.

Ariana Records is currently working on our own music videos, animation projects,

and providing music for student film projects................

We are also licensed to E.O.S. Music to provide music for business situations..........

Mr. Jimmi

The UnderCover Band, a classic rock band,
and The Dukeuleles, an acoustic outfit, gig
in and around Tucson, and the southwest.
We stay booked all year long.
Gasper & Dukes, Christopher Earth band,
JTIOM, Endgame Band, The Wip Band,
ThankGodF4Fingerz, BuddyLoveBand,
The Mobile Cubes, Catch The Ghost,
BeatNik Grip, Rustling Silk, Jomaxx,
Those 3 Guys, BigWhiteteeth, Mammi,
Captain ShowBiz, Special BreakFast, and
The WhereAbouts are all part of the
Ariana Records family............
We also distribute cd projects for.......
MudBone Records, and Smart Monkey Records.........

The UnderCover Band - Classic Rock

UnderCover  plays an eclectic blend of songs and styles from the '60s up through today. We "cover" classics: everything from the Beatles and Stones and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, to americana and country artists like Delbert McClinton and Dwight Yokam. We can be mellow when you are eating dinner or we can rock out when it's time to whip up a dancing frenzy! Musical veterans all, Undercover consists of Tom Dukes on lead guitar and ukulele, Mark Garris on drums, Mr. Jimmi Gasper on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, and Tom Privett on bass guitar and guitarone.  

Everybody sings!  For the mellow "Dukulele" configuration, we do acoustic based “feel good” music with emphasis on vocal harmonies.  I pick up the ukulele and our bass man Tom, plays the "Guitarone" which is an acoustic bass guitar that is typically seen only in Mexican mariachi bands.   For the “electric” configuration, we use top quality equipment like QSC "K" Series and Mackie, and provide a full sound without stressing your eardrums. We pride ourselves on our musical dynamics and ability to keep people on the dance floor.  We've all been playing around southern Arizona since the '70s.  Music is our passion.  

Our lead singer, Mr. Jimmi, is a singer/songwriter/character: kind of a cross between Neil Young and Mick Jagger (the singer/songwriter part anyway).  The "character" part comes from his own trail of stories between the Steel Mills of Gary, Indiana and the Arizona desert.  We count on Mr. Jimmi to provide creativity, spontaneity, and interesting lyric improvisations when the real words to the songs have escaped him temporarily.  …and of course, nobody can belt it out like Mr. Jimmi!  

Marky G lays down the beat.  He is a skilled percussionist and as a retired "DJ" has great rapport with any crowd.  He is such a character and crowd pleaser we have to bring him out from behind the drums to sing a few of his specialties like the acapella “Its All Right” or maybe even some classic Sinatra.  It's always a party with Marky G on board!  

Tom Privett is skilled on many levels:  As entrepreneur/proprietor of "Personally Delivered", as a singer/songwriter in his own right, and in our band, as the bass man.  Actually, he can play anything he puts his hands on, but with Undercover, we want him on bass.  Between Tommy P and Marky G, our rhythm section is air tight rock solid!   …so nice to have these guys as our musical foundation!

I'm the other Tom (Dukes).  Family man/IBMer/guitar lover.  I love to play the guitar.  In fact, once I get started, I have to be reminded to perform certain life sustaining functions such as eating, sleeping, rest room breaks..... and here I am typing when I could be playing guitar.

So, that is us.  We be music lovers: regular guys by day, rock legends by night.  OK, we won't quit our day jobs, but it is only because we prefer to go "UNDERCOVER!"   Check out the Calendar.  Hope to see you out at the clubs or at your next party or event!

   Tommy D.


For information and booking, please contact Lauri Privett (520) 886-1629